Turn left to Palestine


Stranger in my homeland is a non-classic eclectic short film, that encompasses the  Palestinian-Israeli conflict from multiple aspects, it suggests rethinking the way of life in the small and charged territory (Palestine/Israel). 

Being an entity without a defined identity is a status that has always accompanied me in my life. I was born in Israel but never felt Israeli. And even if I define myself as a Palestinian, this statement is a very complicated statement for others, since there is no such state on the map. The physical and metaphysical boundaries that define the self are blurred for me.

As a kid, I had a dream, that one day I would become a part of the Hollywood movie industry. In my adulthood, while feeling the need to move away from the village and expand my preoccupation with the art of cinema, I left the place that I grew up in and moved to live in the city of Haifa. Leaving home and moving to a big city, where the rules are looser and the cultures are more diverse, flooded and further strengthened my questions about belonging, and placed me in a constant situation of adapting myself to the majority. I felt in an intermediate space, neither here nor there. At the same time, I felt other feelings, a sincere longing to fulfill the childhood dream, to integrate into the dominant culture around me, and even to stand out in it, while I was intrigued by it and at the same time avoided taking apart, in an attempt to find my natural place, I soon lost the sense of space and border.

For four years, I photographed life around me as a collector of everyday moments. Out of a sense that I have a role and even a mission; To photograph, document, edit, and tell the story of the people who live around me, and the story of the places that are significant to me. At the heart of my film is the craft of editing, which is the definition of the boundaries and connections between shots and scenes, as the definer of the narrative space. The film is edited and presented in an eclectic and layered style.


I'm truly thankful for my family and friends, who helped make this dream become a reality, and I am also thankful and grateful for four amazing years of studies at The NB Haifa School of Design and Education, and for all my lecturers and colleagues. Thank you all.